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Merino Mana was established in 2008 by Mary Hampton. Mary was born in the small South Island town of Rakaia. Mary was taught the art of sewing by her mother Doreen Hampton who was a fantastic seamstress.

Mary had four girls which naturally meant ballet was a big part of the girls’ life, which also meant hours behind the sewing machine. As her children grew up Mary’s love for sewing continued, and as the grandchildren came along Mary started creating merino blankets, wraps and other fabulous items.

Demand for her items grew which led to the creation of www.merinomana.co.nz  and now www.merinomana.com.au so that more people could share her beautiful merino items.

We place a strong emphasis on supporting local industries from the photographs of our products to the sourcing of our fabrics. All of the merino fabric is sourced in New Zealand and all merino items are made in New Zealand.

If there are any items that you would like to see on our site that we do not have, please drop us a line at info@merinomana.co.nz as we always welcome new ideas.

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